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Drones for Real Estate: 101

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, can play a huge role in dominating the real estate market for luxury homes. Your competition may already be attracting certain buyers to their site through conventional means of visual marketing. At, we go the extra step to ensure that our clients are thrilled with their interactive experience that can ultimately provide them with an increase in ROI. Here are a few facts for the first time investor in drone technology for high end real estate marketing.

Create Drama – Dramatic shots of an expansive estate can be exactly what your buyer is looking for. Creating the first positive impression of your property can instantly create a sense of urgency for your buyer to learn more. This is the perfect way to increase traffic to your single property website. Create a sense of awe and wonderment as the drone moves through space and encompasses a spacious property with rolling hills, trees and breathtaking views.

Visual Appeal – Show your visitors the “flow” of the space with an indoor drone tour to create a seamless view from front entry way into the home and across the lands. Having an indoor drone tour can lead to a natural movement through the space that can only be experienced through drone or by physically walking the property. This high end real estate marketing technique can build a vision for the client for how this home would fit their needs.

Know Your Buyer – Buyers of multi-million dollar estates will primarily shop online for their homes before contacting their representation. In high end real estate marketing, it is import to remember to highlight the best features of your property from every visual angle. Don’t just explain the specs; immerse your buyer in what the property has to offer with drone technology and HD photos for optimal results.  Knowing that your buyer is looking for the latest in technology and high end design means that you will need to provide the highest quality single property website as well as the latest visual marketing trends.

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