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Luxmark Automated Email Marketing

Targeting the Right Audience

The Power of Email Marketing

You might believe email marketing is irrelevant in today’s world of SEO, social media, and blogging. But let’s be clear: Email marketing works.

No matter how long it’s been around, it’s not even close to going extinct. It’s still an essential part of the marketing strategy that Luxmark can empower for your property, brokerage or agency.

  • LuxMark uses Email Marketing Automation to capture new leads,
    automate follow-up and turn readers into customers

Generate, Nurture and Convert

Digital marketing offers a wide range of possibilities. A survey of marketers by Regalix tells us that website, social media, and email are the most effective channels of online communication.

The ability to not only target but to automate email marketing is now in your hands with Luxmark.

4.3 Billion Email Accounts Send 196 Billion Emails Every Day

91% of Consumers Check Their Email Daily

Email Is a Channel That You Own

77% of Consumers Prefer Email for Marketing Communications

Email Lets You Be Highly Personal

Email Has a Marketing ROI of 4,300%

Automation on a Storytelling level.

Using an ecosystem of tools and mechanisms that help to automate ongoing conversations with customers and maintain delivery of a high degree of personalized content, Luxmark allows you to make sure that subscribers receive tailored content they simply want to read.

Using data from social media marketing campaigns, user behavior on web pages, and other available data, Luxmark can plan fully personalized communications. We can identify groups of subscribers with common characteristics and target them with messages that appeal directly to their needs.

When people are looking for the story of your property, Luxmark helps you tell it.

Become Part of the Story.

WE begin with an interview with you or your agents, and then design a customized marketing plan unique to your property.