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Fun Facts about Visual Marketing for Luxury Real Estate

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Visual presence online is the updated way for buyers to search for the home of their dreams. As a seller, it is important to put the correct emphasis on images and videos through visual marketing techniques. Here are a few great reasons why it is beneficial to invest in a visual marketing strategy:

92% of home buyers shop online – This includes popular real estate websites, as well as single property sites. A singular property site can give the user the entire experience of what it will feel like to be living in the home. Creating this atmosphere can subliminally attract the consumer to the property. While considering a luxury real estate marketing plan, look into options such as drone videos and 3D photo tours.

80% of online visitors watch the video but only 20% will read the content – Keep your videos high quality. Having videos with tons of text will only encourage the viewer to click away to more interesting sites.  Enlist the help of a professional photographer or agency to help you prepare your luxury real estate marketing plan. Drone videos can be hugely beneficial to your strategy as they can take your viewer on a tour of the property as well as the external benefits, such as lakes, views, barns or the quiet and calm atmosphere surrounding the property.

A professional video can be 30% more beneficial than a DIY video – The ROI for professional videos is 30% greater than videos created with a phone or non-professional camera. Sell your property faster with the use of a high quality video, virtual tour and drone footage.

Videos attract more than 4 times as many leads – Lead generation is the name of the game when considering a high quality property. It can be a challenge for the correct buyer to find your property when searching. Help searchers find your property by posting videos and virtual tours to the single property website. This luxury real estate marketing plan can increase your productivity as well as find the perfect home owner. is the premier luxury real estate marketing designer for your property. The use of high resolution images and graphics will increase traffic to the single property site and sell your estate faster with an increase of online exposure. Contact us today to learn more at