Luxury Marketing for Exclusive Properties


LuxMark – Luxury Marketing for Exclusive Properties

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A luxury home needs a new style of marketing that transcends the usual ads and marketing placement. With LuxMark, you will receive the highest quality luxury home marketing specialists for your one-of-a-kind property. Here is what makes LuxMark stand above the competition as luxury home marketing specialist for high end properties:

Lifestyle – The way of life for a luxury home buyer (or seller) is quite different from the typical client. With the understanding behind the psychology of a buyer, we at LuxMark will help to identify the needs of the seller, as well as how to entice the buyer with all of the right features. The location and hobbies of the buyer can also play a huge factor in the sale of luxury real estate. Providing potential buyers with interactive marketing material can also increase rate of sale. This form of marketing gives the buyer a chance to picture themselves in the same and imagine life in their new high end property with our luxury home marketing specialists.

Technology – A three step process is used through our advanced technologies to ensure optimal representation throughout the market. Our use of visual marketing includes HD photography, HD video, Drone video and 3D photo tours. Each step has its own purpose. It is proven that properties sell faster and at a higher market value when HD quality images are provided. Video tours can also be beneficial for the potential buyers of a property by giving the viewer the experience of walking through the home and learning the “flow” from one room to the next.  Finally, the use of drones can give a panoramic, 360 degree view from the home, as well as the landscape views that a high end property has to offer. A bird’s eye view of the property can help the buyer experience the location of the property and live in that moment.

Expertise – LuxMark is known as a luxury home marketing specialist for one reason; reputation. With a highly skilled team, LuxMark understands how to provide the adequate marketing tools that a high end property needs. There are no gimmicks or quick fixes, only hard work, technology and the expertise that makes all the difference in buying or selling a luxury property.