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The Luxmark Storybook

Interactive brochures

Getting top dollar is about so much more than great photography

The secret to that success lies in our ability to attract buyers with a compelling, emotive story.  Our storytelling platform creates incredibly immersive experiences for homebuyers. The results? We’re able to garner nearly 10x the amount of average engagement and sharing on your property than a typical online virtual tour.


Here is what the Storybook platform can do:

A branded template set that's pre-installed - can be branded to property, brokerage, or agent or all the above
Ability to edit content via our platform by dragging and dropping in images and copying and pasting text into the layouts we provide
Preview pdfs that allow final review of the project
A share link that allows user to share pdf preview with others (without them having to login)
The ability to create both a professionally imposed and preflighted PDF file, ready for print (turnaround within an hour)

The ability to create an interactive story (from the same project as the print) with unlimited media content
Interactive stories delivered within 24 hours (often much faster, increasingly as we integrate more automation)
Delivery of branded and unbranded URLs
Mobile optimized version (specifically designed for the mobile phone)
Analytics dashboard for every listing accessible via the user account
Custom layout design available

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Become Part of the Story.

WE begin with an interview with you or your agents, and then design a customized marketing plan unique to your property.