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Technology in the High End Real Estate Market

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When creating single property websites, it is important to keep in mind the potential buyer of the listing. Creating a fun and interactive page can be challenging without the correct technology and tools on your site. At LuxMark, we pride ourselves on the highest quality images and videos for optimal results and full price offers. Here are a few ways that technology has changed the luxury real estate market.

Drone Images – UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are also known as drones. Drones can be hugely beneficial when it comes to selling a luxury property. Keep in mind that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can also be used to show the properties nearby as well as the proximity to lakes, mountains and local destinations. In luxury home marketing, it can be challenging to give your possible home buyer a full picture of what the property has to offer. With the use of drones, properties sell for a higher price with a more inclusive picture of what the home offers.

HD Quality – High definition images are the only types of pictures that should be displayed for luxury real estate. Immediately upon seeing phone images, or other photos that lack refinement, there is a signal to the buyer that the seller is not reputable and therefore does not receive the sale.  Luxury home marketing can be made easier with the help of high resolution photos. The seller must make the best first-impression possible to attract buyers to the property.

Virtual Tours – Touring through a potential property or piece of land can be a challenge if your buyer is not in the same location. Virtual tours are the perfect answer for all high end properties. Luxury home marketing is filled with selling techniques that help to lead the home buyer through a virtual reality that may someday be their homestead.  Virtual tours can include the inside of the property, any secondary housing, barns as well as features that enhance the value of the home, IE. Horse stables, swimming pools or tennis courts.

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